What is Gel Nail Polish?

A lot of people ask us what is gel polish, what is Gelish, is it like Shellac? The answer is yes as Gelish, Shellac, Jessica, Gellux are all brands that have developed their own gel polish. They all work in the same way with a very similar result. Gel polish is a hard wearing nail polish that will last approximately 14 days without cracking, smudging or chipping, this is dependent on your lifestyle, job and activities throughout the day. Those with manual jobs or hands in water a lot may not get as much wear out of them as others.


The Process

  • Nails should be shaped in either squoval, oval or square. The other popular shapes like stiletto, and coffin do not work so well with this as it is used on your natural nail.
  • A small amount of cuticle work is carried out. A full manicure can not be carried out with gel polish as the nails need to stay dry and oil free to ensure they adhere with the polish. If you enjoy a manicure you should do this at least 24 hours before the gel is applied.
  • The nail will need to be buffed to remove the shine and help the gel to adhere to the nail. This is not a harsh process and shouldn't deteriorate the strength of your nail.
  • At this point you may have a primer put on the nail, this is not a necessary step for all brands.
  • A base coat gel is then applied and cured/dried under either a UV or LED lamp. The UV lamp will take 1 to 2 minutes and the LED will take 30 seconds
  • The colour will then be applied, you may need 2 or 3 layers and each layer will be cured as before.
  • A top coat will then be applied and cured.
  • Each layer will leave a sticky layer which doesn't need to be removed until the top coat is complete. it will be wiped over and a cuticle oil or cream can be applied.

Gel Polish is not the same as acrylics or hard gel like NSI or Biosculpture. These are thicker and harder wearing and can be infilled when they grow out. Gel polish when is grows out will need to be removed and reapplied.


The benefits

  • Gel nails can allow those allergic to acrylic or nail resin to enjoy a hard wearing colour
  • It isn't as harsh on your nails as other options
  • Dries immediately once cured under the lamp
  • Lasts longer than normal polish
  • A more natural feel than some hard gels and acrylics
  • Gel polish is easily removed with acetone by soaking or wrapping the nail for about 15 minutes and do little to no damage to the natural nail
  • The finish can be either matte or gloss dependent on the top coat used
  • It is an odourless process

Removal Process

  • The polish will be buffed to remove the shine and top coat
  • your nails will either be soaked in a bowl of acetone, steam machine or wrapped in acetone soaked pad and foil
  • They will be left for approximately 10 to 15 minutes
  • The polish will be flaky and easily scrapped off, leaving your natural nail undamaged and once buffed ready for your next set

In our salon we use Gelish and you will find more detail on price on our nail page.


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