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I’m not always convinced by some products that appear on the market promising the world but in this case I think Smartbond does what it says. It’s not promising to completely repair over processed hair or miraculously give you virgin hair again but it does prevent and repair which I will talk about in this blog. This will hopefully give you an understanding of what it is doing and why we encourage our clients to add this to their colour service.


I don’t want to bore you too much around the science of hair but the hair is made up of bonds, some that can be broken by styling and some that can be broken by colour. When colour breaks these bonds they remain broken. This is where Smartbond comes in… it has been created to protect the bonds within the hair and strengthen them during the colour service. It can also encourage the bonds to rebuild.


Smartbond comes in 3 parts, 1 and 2 are in salon products and 3 is a home treatment. No.1 is added to the colour and is working as the colour develops reducing the damage the service can do to the hair structure and helping to rebuild the bonds. No.2 is used as a treatment after the development of the colour is complete adding smoothness and shine. No.3 can be used in the same way as the in salon part 2 or used as a leave in conditioner before styling which is how I like to use it. The No.3 can also be used as a stand alone product for those with heat damage and would recommend it being used once a week and more if you have extreme damage


This is highly recommended for those using bleach and high lift tint but anyone who wants to encourage healthy looking hair can add this to their colour service. With those who have extremely over processed hair you can also add the 2ndpart to your wash, cut and finish as an additional treat for the hair. 


You may have heard of a couple of other options including Olaplex and Wellaplex which work in a similar way. Having only used Smartbond and Olaplex unfortunately I can’t comment on Wellaplex but would highly recommend the other 2.


These treatments do not replace getting your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks as this is the only way to remove the split ends which will encourage your hair to grow and look fuller from root to tip.

The 1st image above shows the hair when one of these products is used and the 2nd is without it added to the colour service.

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