Hair Extension Methods

1) Single strand by strand Fusion bonding (protein), bonding is about the size of a grain of rice, lasting 3 to 5 months.

2) Cold fusion hair extensions are attached by using keratin-based polymer. That is attached near your roots one stand at a time. Instead of heat, this method works by using ultra sonic waves (or rapid impulses).

3) Easylock extensions, No glue required. A small metal link clamps the extension to your own hair. Tension is eased as the extension is moveable. These extensions can be moved and maintained for longevity.


Hair Extensions Prices

Fusion Bonding

£150.00 half head, £185.00 full had

Cold Fusion



10% off your 1st set of extensions for fuller, thicker hair

£195.00 half head, £250.00 full head

£195.00 half head, £250.00 full head