Why use a toner?

Toner is a product that neutralises brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached hair. Toner is the term used for the product specifically meant to tone hair, but you can also use other products to tone your hair, such as purple shampoo.


Features of a Toner


·      Toners alter the undertone of a hair colour, but do not lift the shade

·      Toner can help you manipulate the shade of your blonde hair to make it look cooler, dingier, ashier, or even different colors like pink or purple

·      You can use it all over your hair, or just in specific parts where you want to change the shade. For example, it can tone down just the part of your hair with highlights, or just at the roots to make them look more natural

·      The more you wash your hair, the more frequently you'll have to tone it. You can either tone it at home or go to the salon for touch-ups but do not recommend you do any colour at home unless you are confident you know what you are doing and the best way to achieve it

·      Toners are quick to apply and do not get left to develop for long periods like highlights or tint

·      Often a toner can be applied at the basin 

You should tone predominantly after bleaching once you have reached your desired depth. You can use a toner to remove unwanted yellow tones that bleach can produce or add a pigment from pink to a warm honey to a beautiful ash. Toners can also increase shine by using a gloss as a toner, this will not add tone but shine. Darker is less likely to need a toner but if you want to add a little warmth with a copper to red this will work too.



·      Rose gold

·      Silver

·      Platinum blondes

·      Brighten up your darker shades with warmer tones, Copper, gold, red

·      Honey/caramel blondes

·      Ash blonde



Toners are not permanent and do need to topping up but this is dependent on how often you wash your hair and the condition of your hair. For blondes looking to remove yellow tones you can use silver shampoo at home.

Below are some pictures of toners being applied and results you can achieve.



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    Sandra guthrie (Sunday, 15 November 2020 02:48)

    My blonde hair has a few places of yellow I ve put toners on it. It helps. I need to my know what BBC shade of toner I need be to blend in or be take out the yellow